Sometimes, to try to get a judgment paid out, you need to bring in the debtor for a debtor's examination. Other times, you might want to deliver in the partner, business partner, or employer of your debtor as 3rd parties, to collect information about the debtor that may lead to getting your judgment paid. I am a Judgment Broker, not a lawyer, and t… Read More

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We have all heard the previous saying, "First impressions are every thing." Not only is this accurate but it is never much more true then in the foyer of your house. This is the initial and in some cases the only room most people will see in your home. That would make it the most important space in which to place your very best foot forward. Nevert… Read More

One of life's greatest joys is purchasing a new car. The pleasure of searching via those glossy brochures choosing the brand name, model, trim and the features is extraordinary. Inquire most males and I am sure they will tell you it is one of the things they appreciate most in the globe. It is the exact same with women as nicely these times because… Read More